offers vehicle shipping services to Tanzania. Ship a car to Tanzania either by:

Roll on/Roll off: Roll on/Roll off ships are specifically designed to carry vehicles and is a more cost effective option. Vehicle's are stored under deck in the ship under water tight conditions. Read More...

Containerised Shipping: Vehicles are loaded and secured in the container. Upon closing the container door the vehicle is then sealed from any external elements, shipped and then opened at destination. Read More...


RoRo Vessel Offloading Cars

We deal with each client individually and tailor ourselves as well as provide the best advice according to their needs. Therefore if you are not sure of anything please do not hesitate to contact us.


We also arrange all the paper work as well as customs clearance in the UK.

























Contact us on 0208 8191265 for a FREE no obligation quote for shipping your car to Tanzania.


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RoRo (Roll on/Roll off):

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Swan Ace





Container: Weekly


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