This is an outline to the different methods of shipping we offer:


Ro Ro Vehicle Shipping:

RoRo ships are specifically designed to carry wheeled cargo and as such your vehicle needs to be drivable, trailer towable and all able to negotiate the ships ramp. Vehicles are loaded under deck on the ship, in something like a big parking lot with multiple stories, and are strapped down and the vessel ramp closed hence securing them totally. RoRo as a method of shipping is preferred by many of our clients due to its cost effective nature when compared to containerised vehicle shipping or even air freight. Contact us for excellent RoRo shipping rates.


Containerised Vehicle Shipping:

A single vehicle can be loaded onto a 20ft container, while two/three vehicles can often be loaded onto a 40ft container; although the size of the cars dictates whether three vehicles can be loaded. Vehicles are strapped down in the container and the door sealed to be opened at destination.